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Plant Mirror Reflection

My Coordinator

YOUR lived experience, OUR knowledge, working TOGETHER

The idea of My Coordinator was formed in 2019 through conversations with NDIS participants and providers within our community services sector that all shared a passion for codesign, social justice, and sustainability.

The founders acknowledged the importance of the NDIS but realised that disability services were not aligning with the promise of person-centred choice and control.

They recognised a need to flip the service delivery model and refocus it purposefully to the participant's viewpoint … to MY perspective … my NDIS, my way.

Read about our Services, our Team, and our commitment to a better Community.

A representation of the Vision, Mission, and Values[ the details are described later on this page

Above is our commitment from the heart, what is commonly known as the vision, mission, values statement.

Vision: People, planet, prosperity
- we believe in the responsibility to put people first,
- preserving the only sustainable home we have, and
- ensuring our abundant resources are shared equitably with those in need

Mission: Support the attainment of ordinary lives in extraordinary ways
- life is generally quite ordinary, working together can make it extraordinary

Values: think boldly, speak with compassion, act with integrity.
- thinking differently, with compassion and integrity, can make a difference in one person's life
- it can also change the world.


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