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"Careless" - NDIS abuse and fraud.

The title screen for the Four Corners program "Careless" showing a lady with a bite on her cheek, and images of an uninhabitable room over the NDIS logo and the title "Careless"
Four Corners: Careless

By now most people would be aware of the Four Corners investigation that put the spotlight on the inexcusable treatment of vulnerable people under the support of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The images were simply shocking.

The original story was centred firmly on fraud. Collin (My Coordinator) spent two months working with the ABC delving into specific examples of fraud and shining a light on the issues and the ease with which fraud can occur. The filming for the interview took more than two hours.

Due to the revelations about abuse and safeguarding that important story took over the bulk of the program and fraud became a minor adjunct. And rightly so, because abuse is abhorrent; people are infinitely more important than dollars.

Both safeguarding and fraud remain significant issues in the NDIS and we truly hope that more is done to identify and address the situation. My Coordinator will continue to identify and report suspicious activity and we encourage everyone to be vigilant and also report.

Safeguarding issues should be reported to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission on 1800 035 544 or utilise the online information at

Fraud can be reported to the NDIA via

Excerpt from the transcript:

ANNE CONNOLLY, REPORTER: But our investigation found more money is being lost to legitimate providers. COLLIN MULLANE, SUPPORT CO-ORDINATOR: It's actually very easy to overcharge or put in an invoice that is not legitimate. ANNE CONNOLLY, REPORTER: Collin Mullane helps people coordinate their plans. He tells us how providers can overcharge and defraud clients by sending invoices directly to the National Disability Insurance Agency – the NDIA – which manages all payments. ANNE CONNOLLY, REPORTER: So the NDIS will just pay an invoice regardless of whether the work has been done? COLLIN MULLANE, SUPPORT CO-ORDINATOR: It will just get paid. Nobody is verifying that the actual work was done. Participants are unaware they're getting ripped off. And the NDIA is forking out the money.

The full program with transcript is available here:

Trigger Warning: the program contains images and video that everyone will find distressing.


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