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Philanthropy is our responsibility

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

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The future of community is in our hands

Ask most people what they want from their chosen career and a common theme will likely emerge; some variation of "making a difference", "doing things different", "changing the world", or even "to be the best at …".

It's no different here at My Coordinator. We've stated it clearly in our Vision, our Mission, our Values, and we've re-imagined what person-centred service can look and feel like. But it isn't enough to simply change the way services are built and delivered when there are communities, ecosystems, and the entire planet at stake.

You can read elsewhere what we are doing to fulfil our promise to the planet but in this article we want to highlight how we are giving back to our community, particularly people living with a disability, their carers, and the wider disability sector.

In simple terms, My Coordinator is committed to putting aside 10% of all revenue into a 'Community Bank' to be allocated to those in need of assistance. For example, if Jane uses 40 hours of Support Coordination to implement her plan My Coordinator will allocate an additional 4 hours into the Community Bank.

The value of those hours will provide pro bono (free) assistance to an individual or a not-for-profit organisation, to deliver services that might not be covered by other funding sources. Examples include:

  • to provide additional services back to Jane (or other people) where there is no funding available from NDIS or if Jane runs out of funding for Support Coordination;

  • to provide independent advocacy when no other service can be accessed;

  • to provide support to other charities or not-for-profit organisations .

​As one NDIS participant suggested … "It's a win for me, and a win for the community!"

The Community Bank is a pooled resource to be requested on an application basis. We will publish more details by the end of the year (2021). My Coordinator will also publish data and outcomes from the Community Bank on an annual basis so that everyone can be assured of our commitment.

If you have questions about this program or would like to make a suggestion please contact us or complete our feedback form.

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